VIL + Your Business

VIL has maintained a long time business rapport with Beyond Disgusting Studios and we highly recommend them for your prop needs. VIL is Beyond Disgusting's go-to for their 3D modeling jobs. Over the years our artist has created a number of 3D models & prints for Beyond Disgusting Studios. The prints are used to create molds so Beyond Disgusting is able to mass produce props for sale on their website. VIL's work is plentiful on Beyond Disgusting Studios; go check em out! 

Beyond Disgusting Studios

From Friday the 13th to Hannibal, buyers can expect to find an amazing collection of full size masks; which are incredibly detailed and screen accurate! When Fiberglass Masks needs highly accurate 3D models to complete their projects, VIL steps in. Below are just some examples of how our work helped create amazing molds to make masks! 

Fiberglass Masks

Supplying large companies like Spirit Halloween, VIL is very excited to be working with Trick or Treat Studios! VIL and Beyond Disgusting Studios teamed up to create a prop based on the original Halloween movie poster. Trick Or Treat Studios has purchased the rights to sell our Halloween Poster Knife on their website. Currently VIL+Beyond Disgusting are in discussions to carry more of our products with Trick or Treat Studios! 

Trick or Treat Studios

VIL knows Friday the 13th thoroughly and it's no wonder we are a go-to for help when Jason masks are needed. Crystal Lake Industries contacted VIL to help with the creation of an Uber Jason Mask via 3D modeling. As you can see, the mask came out AMAZING. VIL is proud to have worked with Crystal Lake Industries

Crystal Lake Industries